Friday, March 16, 2012

Easter Books

One of my favorite parts of holidays are reading the holiday books with Bryn. We pulled out our Easter books from the garage and have been reading them all week. Here are probably our three favorites:
I loved reading "The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes" growing up and now Bryn loves it, too! It has a lot of words, so last year Bryn didn't like it as much. This year she sits through the whole thing and then asks to read it again. I love the classic illustrations (it was published in the 1930's) and the story is wonderful.
I first saw "Rechenka's Eggs" on Reading Rainbow when I was a kid. It's a really great story and I love the beautiful illustrations. Bryn loves Rechenka the goose and her colorful eggs that she lays.
"The Easter Egg" is a new one for us this year. It has beautiful illustrations and a really great story about Hoppi the bunny trying to make the best Easter Egg. This is probably Bryn's favorite Easter book and we read it multiple times a day!
Do you have any favorite Easter books we should check out?


Tueller 3 said...

Laura, I love the Country Bunny! I think of so many good mothers who train their children so well!

Kristy said...

I don't have an Easter book to share, but...
"butterfly in the sky
I can go twice as high!
Take a look
it's in a book
Reading Rainbow"
Loved that show. Love the books you shared. Will be checking them out or buying them!