Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Ultimate Bib

Bryn is not a very tidy eater. Even with a regular bib on, she still gets messy. In fact, I usually resort to feeding her myself, so her clothes don't get dirty. But yesterday I made this bib out of a hand towel, using my friends tutorial, and it's been awesome! I made two of them and the supplies for both cost me $5 total.
In addition to protecting Bryn's clothes, the bib has also made her noticeably more reverant and well-behaved. See above photo.
"Looking for garbage trucks"...a.ka. spying on the neighbors.

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Leah said...

HI Laura! I found your blog through Haley Ellis (I am a long time friend of her sister-Mandy). I just LOVE all the craft ideas you have. I am a crafty wanna-be! I always check to see what you are making next. Your daughter is such a cutie! I would love to see how to make that bib. I did not see a link to the tutorial on your post.