Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun Fun Weekend

On Thursday afternoon, I got a knock at my door and three of my siblings were standing there! Surprise!!! Itwas such a fun weekend! The best pictures from this weekend are on my siblings' cameras, but here's a few of mine...
Uncle Mark, Jae, and Josh at LUCILLE'S!!! I am not even a BBQ person, but I really love this place.
Me, Marie, and Jordan
Bryn (cheeks full of biscuits!) and Mark
On Saturday we went to the Getty Museum. It is such a beautiful place! We stayed for hours. The art collection is nice, but I especially love the architecture and the gardens. It's also super family friendly with free art projects for kids, free stroller rental, and a fun family room with little activities that related to the art collection.
My photos don't do it justice.
Crescent Bay look-out point on Sunday evening.
Bryn and Rie
Jord and Bryn having a heart to heart
Bryn loves all my siblings, but Marie might just have earned the top spot this weekend.
Awww....sisters. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the surprise visit! It was soo fun to be with you guys, and so great to see Bryn being silly with all of you. Wish we lived closer!
The weekend was great, but it definitely would have been better if Logan was with us! He was at Scout camp in Utah, but he was missed! Love you Log!


Jen Scott said...

There is nothing more fun than surprises! I love it when people just show up at my house. I would have loved to see your reaction. :)

Kevin and HolliJo said...

We love The Getty! Last time we were in LA we went. It was cool. How fun that they surprised you!

Ash said...

Even the mustache made an appearance...

Diana Hulme said...

this is so fun...i love that it was a surprise...looks like you all had a great time!