Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Sicky

Like I mentioned, Bryn got a little sick on our trip. This was Bryn's first time being sick (beyond a runny nose) so maybe I'm just being dramatic, but here's the story anyway..... PART 1: Basically, Bryn caught a little stomach bug in Yellowstone, she got really dehydrated, and ended up at Primary Children's Hospital. She was lethargic and limp (scary), but after ten hours on an IV she started perking up. They advised us to keep her til the next day, since her blood tests hadn't looked so good, but she seemed fine to us so we wanted to get out of there! So we convinced the doctors she was okay and to release her early. (Which was an embarrassingly stupid move on our part. We definitely should have kept her there til the doctors were satisfied. )
Finally perking up and having a few bites of mashed potatoes. PART 2: So we took her home to my parents house and then took off for California the next day. She still was weak and didn't have an appetite, but she seemed okay. Then when we were about two hours from Huntington Beach she started saying "Yucky, yucky, yucky" and, just as Bryn had warned, things certainly got really yucky. And then even yuckier. And then ever yuckier. Can you tell from this picture it was a bit of a wild ride?
Bryn was crying in discomfort and we were really worried she'd get dehydrated all over again. But we made it home, bathed her and cleaned everything up, and put her to bed. (With a much-needed blessing from Josh and our Home Teacher). Thankfully, she had a great day Sunday, munching on dry toast and applesauce slurping Pedialyte popsicles. (And hooray that she kept everything down!) She is still a little weak, but at least the stomach bug is gone and I think we're past the dehydration stage. Woohoo. Anyway, that's that.
- - - - -
Okay, go ahead and laugh at how dramatic this little experience was for us. We can laugh about now. Until I smell her car seat. And then the laughing stops.


Diana Hulme said...

Oh, what a terrible thing! You're not being dramatic - it really sounds awful. Poor Bryn! Glad you're all feeling better.

Emily Curfew said...

i would be so sad seeing my baby with an IV. i hated getting an IV for delivering.

glad to hear she is feeling herself again.

Jessica F. said...

The poor little lamb. I am so sorry to hear that your trip ended on such a sad note. I am glad that she is feeling better!

Meghan said...

Oh, that is not fun, and I don't think you're being dramatic. I'm so glad she's feeling better!

Missy Johnson said...

If I were a parent I know I'd be losing it. You seem like you kept your cool. My nephew hit his head on something a few weeks ago and I was so worried that I told myself I could never be a parent/handle situations like that. I hear, however, that actually being a parent is different than thinking about being a parent (does that make sense)? Hope all is well with you Laura!