Friday, July 23, 2010

BIG little

Bryn loves Leslie Patricelli picture books...and so do I. We've read them each about a million times, and Bryn now reads along. (Mind you, they're really simple books.) I always giggle when Bryn reads these two pages. She points to each object and says what she thinks it is. Here are her answers: (clockwise, from the top left) -does a wild cackle (she thinks it's a hyena) -"rock" -"but" -"raff" -"asdnknkjchnsdkfjls" -"tower" -"bee, bzzzzzzzzzz" -"sssssssss" (she thinks it's a snake) -"paci" -"kitty!!!!!!!!" -"candy" -"money" -"bunny" (it's the ears) -"pea" Cute? Maybe only to me and Josh. And my mom. But I have her read it ten times a day and I giggle every time.

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McKenzie said...

SUPER cute. LOVED this post. Can't wait until Adi says cute stuff!