Friday, July 23, 2010

Company Picnic

Josh and B on the ferris wheel.
We spent the afternoon at Josh's summer party for his company. It was even more fun than last year (wow, she was chubby back then!) because Bryn was old enough to do the rides and games. This morning I told Brynlee we were going to a party today, and I told her everything we'd do. All day she kept saying "Party? Party? Party?" And then the whole time as she did the activities she kept saying "PARTY!" Cute.
Bryn and I relaxed while Josh paddled us around the lake. I loved Bryn in that orange vest.
Bryn's favorite part was the bouncy house in the background. She just went nuts in there, jumping all over, doing somersaults, and then lying down and getting bounced by other kids. She kept saying "Party! Party! Bean! Bean!" ("Bean" is short for Jumping Bean, which we call her when she gets silly jumping on our bed.) She was in heaven.
Fun party, fun afternoon.


Jae said...

Did Josh get to go this year? Or just you and Bebop?

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Cute! It sure looks like you guys had lots of fun. Brynlee's at such a fun age! The whole "party" thing is just adorable.