Tuesday, July 14, 2009

PIMCO Company Picnic

Last weekend was Josh's company party for families. It was great to meet his boss and his coworkers. The highlights of the night were getting Bryn's hand painted at one of the booths, and sharing her first popsicle with Josh. (Which I wasn't aware of until later on, of course.) Josh said she loved it!


Diana Hulme said...

She is so cute! (And I might add, you are looking fabulous yourself!) :) I love Brynlee's bright blue eyes, just like her daddy, and her sweet smiles & laughing face! She's seriously adorable. It seems like you couldn't help but smile when you're around her.

The hand painting is cracking me up.

Jessica F. said...

How fun. I loved taking Sterling Henry to Sterling's company party and showing him off. The hand painting was super sweet!

Laura, you look so dang cute in those pictures. I LOVE that shirt!

Josh you look pretty good too.

The Pixton Family said...

I love the photo of her getting her hand painted with that big smile! What a cutie!