Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seven Months

These monthly photo shoots are getting harder each time. I only got one shot where she isn't trying to eat the card. Brynlee loves chewing on anything, but especially paper. She is so smart at recognizing it. If I am reading a book while she's feeding, I have to be so careful to turn the pages softly because when she hears it, she reaches her hand back and clenches on to the pages, then whips her head around and tries to eat it. All in the blink of an eye. I can't ever get the mail with her anymore because she lunges for the letters or ads and squirms her strong little body until she's grabbed onto it and bent her head down to bite it.
Besides her love of paper, Brynlee currently loves sitting, rolling, scooting around on the floor, making silly noises and spitting, giggling, bouncing up and down, dancing with Josh, reading books, eating her little bowls of rice cereal and the few vegetables she's tried, sneaking licks of watermelon or other fruits we're eating, her nightly swinging at the park.
We love her!!! (Even if she's cranky from teething. Poor thing!)

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carly said...

She is so cute!