Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today is our two year ANNIVERSARY!!!!!
Jae took this picture of me right after my first date with Josh. I was giddy as can be. I knew right away what a catch Josh was (and is, of course). I'm even more smitten now! I am SO blessed to be married to Josh. These have been two wonderful years of marriage, and I'm sure we have even greater years ahead.


Kevin and HolliJo said...

Congratulations guys! How fun and exciting! Yall are too cute together!

Diana Hulme said...


Sheesh - why didn't I have that first picture for your love story book? Haha!

Jessica F. said...

Josh had that same smitten look when he got home from your first date!
You two are the cutest!!!

The Pixton Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Laura, we are so glad you're in our family! You two are such a cute couple.

Robyn said...

HAPPY TWO YEARS!! You guys are adorable, and you make gorgeous babies :)