Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anniverary Recap

Our anniversary was wonderful, despite a few not-so-good things. My handsome husband. Good thing!
Chocolate covered raisins and pretzels. Very good things. Josh knows the way to my heart.
Did I really eat that whole bag? Definitely a bad thing.
Sugar headache that followed. Bad thing.
Pei Wei's Dan Dan noodle bowl. Spicey good thing.
Japanese teriyaki bowl with chicken and brown rice. Good thing. Mmmmm, Mmmmm!
Leaving this little cutie with a babysitter for the first time ever, so Josh and I could have a date alone. Good thing. Very very good thing. It's about time!
Coming home to a hysterical child. Bad thing. Very bad thing. Poor little Bryn. We've got to work on the sitter thing. Yikes.
Dropping Josh's toothbrush in the toilet (on accident, of course). Bad thing. Not quite sure how this one happened.


Andrew and Haley said...

Sounds fun!! You guys look great and I'm sure Brynlee will forgive you for being rude enough to leave her stranded!

Andrew and Haley said...

1 more thing.. if you have half a second and are ANYWHERE close to Provo let us know-- we'd LOVE to see you.

Logan said...

Don't worry Lar, last night I accidentally pushed my toothbrush into the garbage can. so much for that toothbrush!