Monday, July 5, 2010

Dana Point

We've had a great holiday weekend, getting together with friends and going on some little family outings. Today my uncle Mark took us to Dana Point and it was such a great trip! Josh and Mark had been there before, but it was new to me and I LOVED it!
I love living in Huntington Beach, but our beaches don't even compare to these beautiful beaches. I love the hills and the greenery compared to our flat, sandy beaches.
Bryn and Mark are such great buddies
We "hiked" along a beautiful little trail (I've forgotten the name of it) to get to the beach, and then we walked up the road to look out from the Ritz hotel. Beautiful!
Bryn had fun chasing bunnies, looking for bugs, and prancing all over the place.
We really loved this area and I can't wait to bring my family here when they come next.
(On the way home, we stopped off for a late lunch at Lucille's BBQ and it was amazing! My pictures from Lucille's are blurry, but just imagine the most delicious BBQ you've ever had! Their biscuits and apple butter are maybe the best thing I've ever eaten! Wow, can't stop thinking about them. Ya, it was a pretty good day.)


Jessica F. said...

What a great weekend. That BBQ sounds amazing!

Brynn is adorable!

Jen Scott said...

You know how to celebrate.

Love both those places... Dana Point, and Lucille's!

Were you at "Strands". Is that the name of the beach you were at?

Emily Curfew said...

dana point is GORGEOUS!! love it there. i love exploring south orange county where its more hilly and green.