Friday, February 26, 2010


Whenever I listen to my ipod I get flashbacks from memories associated with particular songs. Tonight I've been listening to Jem, and it brings back such vivid memories of my freshman year at BYU: I would listen to Jem every time I ran (back when I chose to ignore/abuse my already-messed-up knees). Becky Whipple and I would suck in our stomachs and squeeze through the little crack in chain-link fence around the BYU track, then we'd do our weekly run on the track and up and down the bleachers. We'd do a few crunches, stretch, and pledge to run more frequently and eat less at the Cannon Center cafeteria. (Neither of which happened). Turns out, Jem is good running music and good sewing music. I've been sewing for the last four hours, singing along to Jem, and smiling as I think of how things have changed since my late-night runs four years ago. The last Jem song ended, and the next song was "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias. Now, that's a laughable flashback. Stake Dances! Ha ha.


The Colemans said...

You know, I never knew you you listened to Jem back then! I love Jem! Yay for late night runs, the good old days.

Jonathan and Kiri said...

I love how listening to songs can bring back so many memories! How rebel of you to break into BYUs track. But what a fun thing to remember!

Susie Faye said...

Jem is good for running huh? good to know. I love that you told us about your burp cloth project because my friend's baby shower is this weekend and i was wanting to do something really thoughtful but realistic with my schedule and that sounds like a great idea! PS I didn't know you had messed up knees, I'm sorry to hear that, we're too young to have to deal with messed up knees already.