Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Day

These two pictures perfectly describe our day. In fact, our week. Wild hair, lots of silver spoons (Where does she keep getting those!? She must be stowing them away!), climbing on kitchen chairs and other off-limit items.
And finally, her newest trick: undressing herself. We've had many talks about keeping our clothes on, but it hasn't sunk in with Brynlee yet.
Still giggling about this:
Everyone I passed on my walk today kept laughing as they looked at Brynlee. I thought she must have been especially cute or something. Then I realized she had taken her shirt off and was playing with it. Oh gosh.
Still groaning about this:
I was doing housework today while Brynlee was busy playing with toys (so I thought). Then my new neighbor frantically tapped on my window because she saw Brynlee standing on top of the kitchen table. Bryn couldn't have been up there for more than a few seconds, but I couldn't explain myself through the glass. All I could do was snatch up Brynlee and give an embarrassed little smile and wave.


Diana Hulme said...

Ah...that one in the crib with her shirt over her head but still on her arms is classic - how did she do that?

Meghan said...

What a crazy girl! What a fun stage :)

Jen Scott said...

What kid doesn't climb on the kitchen table, I just say teach them to get down, and then you don't have to worry. :)