Thursday, August 20, 2015

Utah: Three Weeks of Fun!

 We had such a great time in Utah. It makes me sad that we probably won't be there again until next summer, but we'll hold on tight to all the wonderful memories of this past Utah trip. Here are a bunch of pictures from our Utah trip...
 The Natural History Museum at the University of Utah
 Harvesting vegetables with Uncle Logan
Visiting Logan at the snow cone shack
 Tate + Grandpa Clarke
Trimming off Tate's scraggly hair
Thanks Grandma!
 Wagon rides and hugs
Lots and lots of dressing up

 Baking with Grandma
We don't have sidewalk on our street and our driveway is gravel, so we never do sidewalk chalk in New Jersey. Bryn and Mya did sidewalk chalk everyday in Utah! 
They traced Grandma and then traced about 5 or 6 of Logan's friends who willingly obliged. 
Meanwhile, Tate just sat there in his jammies looking cute.
 Josh worked in California for the first two weeks of our Utah trip, but when he joined us in Utah he and I were able to slip away to the Jordan River LDS Temple for a couple hours. 
Tate got four new teeth while we were in Utah (Ouch!), so he gnawed on these foam bath toys every day. 
 It's always a challenge for me to exercise with three kids when I'm home in New Jersey. It was so nice to be able to go out for walks or hikes in the gulley nearly every day while the kids played with my mom. Thank you, Mom! 

 Backyard fun

 Singing time with Grandma
I can't wait to have a piano in our home someday. And also, a living room big enough to even fit a piano would be on my "someday list", too!
  Tate became soooo much more active and curious while we were in Utah. Unloading the dishwasher is his new favorite activity. 
 It was fun to be in town for my cousin's Aaron's wedding. I missed the Clarke reunion this summer, so the wedding reception was a fun way to see a bunch of my Clarke cousins. 
Playing dress up with Tate
 Bryn just being Bryn
 Bryn used to spend hours drawing fairies. Now she spends all her time drawing ponies. She offers "Pony Drawing Lessons" to anyone interested, including Grandma. 
 This is why we can't do wagon rides with Tate anymore
 Watching the big boys
Thank you Dad and Mom for such a great time in Utah!

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