Monday, August 10, 2015

Utah: Swimming

Bryn took one session of group swimming lessons in New Jersey and learned very little, despite the $200 cost of the class. (I'm learning that living in New Jersey is not cheap!) Since we were going to be in Utah for so long we decided to sign up for two sessions of private swim lessons for Bryn and Mya. Best decision ever! Their instructors Rylee and Mia were fantastic, the private lessons were a fraction of the cost of group lessons in New Jersey, and both girls had a wonderful time and learned lots. We did the lessons at Alta Canyon swimming pool, which is the pool I always took lessons at when I was a child. 
 Mya was previously pretty scared in the water, but now she feels really comfortable. She isn't swimming yet, but the first hurdle was just getting her to relax enough to start learning how to float and do the swim strokes. 
Bryn totally learned to swim! She improved so much from the doggy-paddle she used to do. She swam further and further across the pool and really got comfortable going into a back float to catch her breath if she got tired out. I feel so much more comfortable with her in the water now. Yay!
We spent nearly every day at the pool the first two weeks of our Utah trip and the girls loved it!

Lots of squealing kids, waiting for the big bucket to fill to the top and then pour out.
There's also a fun splash pad at the pool that the girls loved playing on after their lessons. 

Josh never saw any of their swim lessons since he was in California, but once he got to Utah we went swimming as a family and the girls had fun showing him what they had learned in their lessons. 
Tate's first time in a swim suit and first time in a pool. He kicked his little legs so hard!

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Bernice Cunningham said...

Lovely pictures of your family as they learn to love the water. The water looks so refreshing and you are all clearly having so much fun with it. It brings back happy memories of my own. I remember when mine were this small and how much fun they had. They go from paddling to properly swimming so fast.

Bernice Cunningham @ Guardian Industries