Monday, August 17, 2015

Utah: Clarke Reunion

 Day one of the Clarke reunion was spent at Snowbird, but the rest of the time was pretty low-key. I actually didn't take many pictures because I was too busy having fun and acting like a 5 year old with my siblings.  
 We spent a lot of time in the backyard playing "Kubb"
We played lots of indoor games like Loaded Questions and Headbanz, which - for some reason - is always hilarious with my dad.
 Marie and I happened to wear the exact same outfit to the reunion! We all got a good laugh out of it. 
  Bryn wanted to join the fun, so she raced downstairs and came up in a very similar outfit to ours and "twins" went to "triplets"! Then cute little Mya emerged in the most similar outfit that she could find. (My favorite part is Mya's backwards pants).
 Speaking of outfits, Marie sewed me this skirt! She is crazy talented like that. I love my mom's photo bomb :)
  We rewarded ourselves with Cafe Rio after enduring a family photo session. 
 We spent an afternoon in Provo and went to the Museum of Art at BYU. 

 Bowling at the BYU lanes

 I think this was actually Mya's first time bowling. She loved it!
 Bryn and Braden
  We split up one night and the girls went to Kneaders for dinner while the boys got BBQ at Bam Bam's. Afterwards we met Grandpa Tueller at a park and threw around a football. 
The Clarke boy cousins: Braden and Tate
What a fun few days with my family! I am lucky to have such amazing parents and siblings. It's so strengthening to be around them and I just soak in every minute since we're only together once a year. Thanks to Mom and Dad for organizing such a great weekend for us!

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