Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hawkins Reunion in Yellowstone National Park

Every other year all of Josh's get together for the Hawkins Family Reunion! Woot woot!
This year we stayed at a couple cabins in Island Park, Idaho, which is just a quick drive from Yellowstone National Park. We were there from Sunday to Wednesday and we had such a fun few days together.
Above is 27 of the 30 Hawkins grandkids. Not pictured: Hunter, who was at dance camp, David, who was sick in the other cabin, and Cora who didn't feel like being in the picture :) 
Two of the cabins were right next to each other and the other smaller cabin (for Josh's parents) was down the road. It was a great set-up in a beautiful wooded area.
Grandpa and Grandma Hawkins just got home from their LDS mission to spain earlier this summer, so they shared a few mission experience with everyone.

Bryn LOVES her cousins. My kids are so lucky to have such awesome cousins to look up to.
Mya and Harlow are the "twin cousins" because they were born just three days apart and their dads (Joe and Josh) are twins!
Of course, we got to Old Faithful riiiiiight after it had erupted, so we had to wait for about an hour for it to go off again. Josh and I had been to Old Faithful a few years ago, but this was the first time our kids saw it. (Bryn was a one year old last time).

Bryn is doing poses like this in nearly all of our Yellowstone pictures, so this is the best shot we got of our family at Old Faithful.
We had a picnic lunch at Yellowstone Lake
Artist Point was one of my favorite parts of Yellowstone from last time, so I was excited to see it again. 
You can probably tell from the picture that we were at Artist Point on a wild and windy day!
When we weren't in Yellowstone we had fun just hanging around the cabins. The girls loved "getting cozy by the fire" in the mornings. 

Glowstick dance party
Tate has a special bond with his Grandpa Hawkins. They spent a lot of time together at reunion and Tate was always so happy and content with him. 
Josh and his three brothers - Jason, Jake, and Joe. I love seeing Josh with his siblings!
This is a blurry picture, but I love Mya and Harlow's smiles to each other :)
What a wonderful time we had with this great group of people! I am pretty lucky to have married into the wonderful Hawkins family and I'm so grateful for the close relationships we all have with each other. 

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