Saturday, August 22, 2015


 The day after we got home from Utah we had our family's first experience with stitches. It was bound to happen at some point!
We were downstairs in the basement, putting away our luggage and organizing some things, when Bryn took a hard fall and smacked her forehead on the rim of a paint can. The cut went right down to the skull and I could tell she was going to need stitches. My sister in law watched Mya and Tate while I took Bryn to the ER. Thank you, Tyra!!!
 Bryn was so brave throughout the whole thing, even when she was getting the stitches. 
Pre-stitches. Ouch! 
A week later.
We were planning to cut bangs (Bryn was actually quite excited about it) because we thought the scar would look a lot worse, but the scar actually doesn't look that bad so we're holding off on bangs for now :)

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Meghan said...

We had a similar experience with Ethan last November. He had the exact same gash above the opposite eye. I was SO afraid that it would scar badly (and it was noticeable for awhile), but it is practically gone now! It's amazing how well those little kids heal :)