Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Utah: Clarke Reunion, Day 1

This year was the first annual Clarke Reunion with just my immediate family. I usually only see my entire family once a year since all my siblings, besides my brother in high school, live out of state. (Marie in Wisconsin, Jae and Jordan both in San Francisco). Our Clarke Reunion gave us four days all together and it was wonderful. We spent the first day up at Snowbird resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. 
 Mya's favorite part was the "Mountain Coaster" - so fun!

 Jae + Bryn
 Josh + Mya on the chair lift
Mya was loving it
 About to go down the Alpine Slide

 Bryn and Mya had so much fun with their cousin Braden on the bounce houses.
 I can't remember what this ride was called but it pulled you way back and then shot you forward. 
 The three oldest Clarke cousins
 We took the tram up to the top of the mountain
Beautiful views down into the valley!
 Don't ask me about Bryn's poses...

   No surprise, Mom had prepared a gourmet picnic lunch for us to enjoy midday. 
Jae + Amy + Tate, mid-bite

 The boys did the "Vertical Drop" which was a free-fall bungee sort of thing.
Bryn is a good little climber and had such a good time climbing to the top of all the routes.

 Bryn's very favorite part was the ropes course. She wasn't quite old enough to do it, but they let it slide. She didn't want to get off! 
 Some of these parts made me nervous, but Bryn is the most fearless little person I know and she loved every bit of it. 
Thanks Dad and Mom for such a fabulous time at Snowbird!

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