Friday, September 5, 2014

Pregnancy Update

I've made it to my third trimester, which is always exciting! We are getting so anxious to meet this little baby boy! 
Things are still going really well with the pregnancy, although I'm definitely getting to that point of feeling really large and uncomfortable. I've been getting additional ultrasounds because of the cysts on the brain (the doctors aren't worried about the cysts anymore) and my last few ultrasounds have shown that the baby is measuring three weeks ahead of my due date - based on the measurements of his head. The doctor said he might end up being an October baby. I'd love to shave off a few weeks of my pregnancy, but I'm not counting on it because Hawkins babies are famous for their big heads. So he might not be early at all, but he'll just have a really big noggin'. We'll see!
24, 25, 26 weeks
I haven't really documented this pregnancy as well as the other ones, but I've had Josh snap a few pictures this past month. I thought I was really showing at the time, but now I have to laugh because the baby has sure grown since then!
This was last week at 28 weeks 
(Josh was away on a business trip for two weeks, hence the bathroom mirror shot).
My ribs/organs are getting smooshed with the baby's increasing size, but Bryn and Mya are loving my big pregnant stomach. The girls are constantly poking my stomach, hugging and kissing my stomach, and talking to the baby, telling him how excited they are to meet him. I think this baby is going to be very well loved :) 

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mj said...

You are seriously the cutest and I miss seeing your beautiful face every day! I hope you feel as good as you look!!