Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mya's Birthday Date...a little late!

Mya turned two at the end of June, but it was a bit of a crazy summer so she and Josh didn't go on their birthday date until the beginning of Setptember! (Better late than never...)
Mya was so excited about her special date. She still talks about it all the time and asks "Maybe today Mya and Dad can go on a birthday date? Just Mya and Dad." 
 Josh is the best dad and our girls are sure lucky to have him!
 As per tradition, the birthday date was a special trip to the bookstore where Josh and Mya read books and Mya got to choose one book to take home. She chose the book "Ten Apples Up On Top", a Dr. Suess book that she has read over and over with her cousin Leah. 
 Josh said Mya was giddy and cute the whole night. 
She sure came home with a big smile on her face!

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