Friday, September 5, 2014

First Family Camping Trip

One of our first weekends in New Jersey was a camping trip with our new ward. We debated on going since we still had so much unpacking to do, but we were really glad we decided to go. It was a really fun time and a great chance to get to know some new church friends. We camped along the Delaware River that divides Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 
 I knew Josh and Brynlee would have a great time camping, but I was unsure how this little toddler and her pregnant mama would handle it. Luckily both survived :)
 It was fun to camp with Parker, Eliza, and Emma (our nieces and nephew) who were visiting from San Francisco. They had been staying with Josh's brother Jake and his family. (Maybe I've already mentioned this, but Jake and Tyra live just ten minutes from us and Jake is the bishop of our ward in New Jersey. It's pretty great!)
 This little one slept better than we expected!
But she did wake up in the wee hours of the morning and without saying a word she walked over to my bed, nudged me out of my sleeping bag, climbed in, laid down, and immediately fell back asleep and slept the rest of the time in my bed. Josh and I looked at each other like "Wait. What just happened?" :)
 Two silly girls, giddy as can be to have woken up in a tent instead of their beds at home.
 The girls with my cute niece Abby and nephew Parker
 After breakfast we had a fun morning playing in the river. Josh and Bryn (with a life jacket) swam all the way across the Delaware River to the shore of Pennsylvania. Bryn still tells people how she swam "all the way from New Jersey to Pennsylvania!!"
Mya and my niece Leah
Cute Mya girl
(I forgot her swim diapers at home, so here she is with a huge, bloated diaper from the river. Oops.)
This was the very first time we've ever gone camping as a family and we definitely need to do some more camping down the road. Thanks to the Newmans for lending us their tent!

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Clarke Family said...

I love the picture of the girls waking up in the tent (and to muffins too!) I also like the picture of Mya with her swimsuit and tennis shoes. What a swim Brynlee--from state to state!