Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cute Girls in August

 Bryn and Mya are at such cute stages right now. Bryn didn't start school til after Labor day, so we had a fun August with the three of us home together all day. Josh had long hours and was gone much of the month with work travel so the three of us girls really got to know each other well :)
 Mya needs a purse (and a sippy cup) with her at all times.
 Sunday best
 Bryn is busy every day working on some sort of project. This one cracked me up so much. I helped her cut out the holes in the bag and then she made it into a "fancy lady costume". (I think the bangs are particularly fancy!)
 This is Bryn. Bryn has been in the dress-up phase for a good four years and she's still going strong!
 "Popcorn on the Porch" is an important ritual over here.
 There's a little stream and bridge to the side of our house and the girls love it. For some reason it's so much more fun to ride your bike across a bridge (again and again) than just riding it on the pavement.
 Our little cautious child has been watching her big sister and becoming more adventurous. We may need to rearrange the front room because Mya has been caught a few times in this spot, trying to reach the books on the top shelf. 
 She is such a book worm, but the best part is how she sets up the pillows in a particular way and says "there we go!" before she starts her reading :)
 Purse on the arm for a morning of errands.
 A rare sighting of Josh! (Juuuuust kidding).
Josh rides this scooter to the train station every morning because it's cheaper and more convenient than dealing with car parking. Oh ya, and we only have one car so he had no choice but to find another means of transportation! 
The girls get so giddy when Josh "rides bikes" with them. And I think it's just about the cutest thing ever to watch those three ride around. Josh is such a fun dad.
 Mya's dress-up outfits are always interesting... taking after her big sis!
 Mya got this little scooter for her birthday and just barely started figuring it out. It's hilarious to see her scoot along. 
 Bryn learned about caracals (a type of wild cat) from her Zoobooks magazines and it's now her favorite animal. She talks about caracals every day and occasionally dresses the part.
 A fun playdate with Olivia
(Our basement definitely isn't pretty, but it's nice to have a big area for playing and running around!) 
One last costume from Bryn. I love this silly girl so much!

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