Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dresser Project

The baby's room had become the resting place for most of our unpacked boxes and random items from the move. Finally, we cleared out the room and it's actually looking like a nursery now.... which is good because we've only got 7 more weeks until my due date! I've been busy working on some projects for the room and I thought I'd share this dresser project since it felt like quite an accomplishment for a tired lady with a big pregnant belly :)
The baby's room is really small, so we didn't want to take up the whole room with a big dresser or changing table. Instead we decided to use this skinny little dresser that we found by a dumpster for free. I painted it blue (it's so fun to decorate with boy colors after having two girls!) and then replaced the knobs with some $2 knobs I found at Hobby Lobby. 
 The dresser was in good shape, but some of the drawers were stained and I didn't want to put cute little baby things on thfele dirty drawers, so I lined the drawers. I've never lined my drawers before, so it felt like a pretty fancy project for me! I just used wrapping paper with clear contact paper on top, then stuck the paper down with double sided tape. 
The best part was filling the dresser with a few little boy things we have so far :)

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