Friday, September 5, 2014

New Jersey

After a fun month in Utah we flew back to New Jersey and began the next chapter of our lives! I was sad to leave Utah and I kept wondering why we had decided to stay back east and live so far from family, but so far we have actually loved New Jersey. It's a beautiful area with a great community, awesome schools, a wonderful ward, Josh loves his job and working in NYC, so far so good! 
We are renting this little duplex and while it is old and has its quirks, it is actually a great fit for our family. Maybe I'll show more house pics later when things are all put together.
Our neighborhood in New Hampshire had frequent bear sightings and the girls had spotted bears right outside our windows. The girls love looking out the living room window of our new house, but luckily no bears have been spotted :) Instead, our new neighborhood is full of wild bunnies and deer. I've heard the bunnies are a nuisance for my neighbors with gardens, but we think they are so cute! 
 If you look closely you can see a little deer family in the background. I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but for now it's so fun to spot deer almost every day.
 Bryn had no issues with moving and she adapted to our new home really easily. Miss Mya did not have an easy move! The first week or two in New Jersey was really rough on her and she kept asking to "go back home!" It broke my heart! Luckily, that phase is over and now she's back to her normal self.
Josh wakes up at the crack of dawn and catches an early 6 am train into NYC, but luckily he is usually home by 6:45 in the evening (which is early for NYC commuters). The girls love playing with him for an hour before bedtime. It's taken a few weeks to adjust to our new phase of life. It's definitely a big change from the grad school phase, but we're getting the hang of it.
Mostly, we just feel really good about our decision to live in New Jersey and we're excited for the years to come! 

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