Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tonight was the annual "Trunk-or-Treat" at the church. Months ago Bryn decided to be a monkey and she was so excited to dress up tonight! I bought the brown leggings and shirt, then made the monkey ear headband, hair bow, banana necklace, and the tutu with the tail. (She got called a mouse and a puppy tonight, so I guess it wasn't obvious what she was...Ha!)
Before we went to the activity at the church Bryn wanted to "climb a tree like a monkey", so we went to the park and let her climb her heart out.
This is our little friend Colton who was also a monkey tonight. We used to watch Colton a couple days a week, so Bryn loves him and was excited that he was a monkey, too!
Doing the Candy-Corn Ring Toss
Bryn had lots of fun going from trunk to trunk and getting CANDY!
But as much as Bryn loves candy, she was actually more interested in putting rocks and leaves in her candy bucket. Sometimes she couldn't grab a piece of candy because she had two fists full of rocks! (She collects rocks every day, everywhere we go!)
Hooray for a fun night!
Afterwards, she got in her monkey pajamas, found her stuffed monkey, and picked "Curious George" and "Eight Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed" as her bedtime stories. Can you tell she's kind of going through a monkey stage?

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Diana Hulme said...

Too cute! I love the banana necklace. You are the best mom! :)