Friday, October 14, 2011

H Day

Yesterday was H day for play group. I was planning on talking about HOUSES, but Bryn was insistent on doing HATS (no surprise there!), so we went with it.
Bryn was eager to wear different hats throughout the day, but the other girls didn't think it was such a good idea!
We practiced writing their names and coloring H's
I made a little hat matching sheet and the girls did so good with it
We read a couple of Bryn's favorite books on hats. First, "Hat" by Paul Hoppe
It's a cute story and I like the simple illustrations
Then, "Do you have a Hat?" by Eileen Spinelli
It's a cute book with lots of different hats and "famous" hats like Abe Lincoln, Carmen Miranda, etc.
I made simple felt faces and the girls had fun trying on different felt hats
And one more of Bryn because it's rare that she looks at the camera and does a normal smile!


Karen said...

I love all of your felt creations. You are always coming up with such cute, educational, original projects.

The Pixton Family said...

You are awesome! What lucky girls.