Thursday, October 13, 2011

G Day

I've hosted the play group this week and Tuesday was G day.
I made little GARDEN "books" and the girls worked so hard coloring the pages.
The finished product
They also colored VERY fancy G worksheets
One of my VERY favorite authors is Lois Ehlert and she has two really great book on GARDENS. The first is "Planting a Rainbow"
This book shows how flowers begin as seeds and the whole process it takes to become flowers. Beautiful illustrations!
And the second one is "Growing Vegetable Soup"
It shows the whole process of growing vegetables and then harvesting them and making soup! I love the clean, colorful illustrations!
We also went on a hunt around our apartment looking for GREEN things.
And we snacked on GARDEN vegetables!
I was actually babysitting two other kids on Tuesday, so it was a full house with 5 little kids running around! But it was a fun, busy day!

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