Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Fun Day

I kept telling Bryn when Josh was done with the GMAT and other projects that we would have a really fun day with all three of us. She's been so excited for our "Family Fun Day", as she has called it, and today was the day!
One of the things on Bryn's list for "Family Fun Day" was frosting Halloween cookies. We don't make sugar cookies often, so this was a fun, new activity for her!
This cookie is my favorite. I can't even tell what shape it is...(ghost?) and this is after Bryn mixed all the colors together into a lovely grayish color.
Fun day :)


Gloria said...

How fun!! Ok and I have to ask did you Paint that picture of the Newport Beach temple behind you??? That is BEAUTIFUL!! That's where we were married! :) How much would you charge for a painting like that?

Merrick said...

So cute!