Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So many things make me laugh about Bryn. Motherhood is wonderfully entertaining, especially as Bryn gets older and sillier. Today I've found myself laughing every few minutes at something funny she's said or done....silly little things that are probably only laughable to me!
One of my very favorite times of the day is right now (1 pm). Bryn is just going down for her nap, and I love listening to her talk and sing herself to sleep. She started off with a dramatic monologue on how badly her finger hurts from pulling off a hang nail ("...I pulled my broken nail off and now I am dying. My finger is sore and hurt and my band-aid might fall off in bed...")
Then she started in on a wonderful medley of The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow/Do Re Mi/I see the Light (Tangled).
Her medley was cut off abruptly, however, when she exclaimed "I've got it! I know the mystery! It's...... INGREDIENTS! That's what we need! OF COURSE!!!!" (??)
Now excuse me as I park myself outside her door to hear even more :)


Gloria said...

This is the CUTEST thing ever!! She sounds just adorable! So fun that you wrote these down I'm sure they'll be so fun to look back on! :)

Meghan said...

Haha, I love it. What fun!