Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My trip to Utah was sooooooo fun. I had a great time visiting my family and friends. The trip went by so fast! (But of course I was so anxious to get home to my husband!!!)
My dad and brothers were out of town the first few days, so I got to spend lots of time with just the girls. We ate yummy food, watched chick flicks, worked on some crafty little projects, and sewed! Yes, they taught me how to use my new sewing machine!!!
Brynlee loved seeing her uncle Jae play in a BYU intramural game. It was great seeing all the Tuellers that came to watch!
Bryn loves her Aunt Marie. Marie got her to laugh so much!
Logan is such a wonderful uncle. He introduced Bryn to the pigeons, but she was a little nervous around them. She is her mother's daughter!
I was so glad to see Josh's Dad and Mom...
...and Becky and Hema. It was so great hanging out with them! I married into the best family!
My cousin Alli came over to visit with her cute daughter Raquel who is two months older than Bryn. It was so fun for our girls to "play" because they're going to be best friends someday! Brynlee was a little shy, as you can tell.
I got together with four of my very best friends from high school. It's always great catching up with them!
I love this happy girl!

Bryn was so thrilled to be in the land of her birth. You can see it in her eyes.

P.S. Bryn was a champ on both flights! She really was perfectly quiet and content. I was so relieved that travelling was so smooth with her. She's the best!


Diana Hulme said...

Fun! Looks like you had a great time. A few things: 1. your mom is stylin! she has some really cute clothes! :) 2. i like brynlee in the high school friends picture - covering her face in bashfulness, perhaps? she is adorable. :)

The Pixton Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. Plan a trip up here!

Jessica F. said...

What a fun trip! It looks like you had the best time.

Bryn is the cutest thing EVER!!!

Brandi said...

Sorry we missed you at Becky house. We arrived 5 minutes after you left. Sorry! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Bryn is so cute!