Monday, May 11, 2009


I didn't want Mother's Day to go by without mentioning how grateful I am for my beautiful mom. I am so blessed to be her daughter and to have learned from her example of faith, integrity, and love. She has always been my hero and my dear, dear friend.

She put up with a lot through the years. (The stinky sock was a real low).

I could list off her countless gifts and talents that she has refined, her beautiful musical capacities, her years of dedicated church service, her wonderful culinary skills, her incredible speech at BYU Women's Conference, etc. etc. but instead I thought I might briefly mention a few of her talents that are often overlooked:

Her karate skills, as demonstrated upon her brother Hal.

And her tremendous upper body strength. Who would've known, right?

I love and admire my Mom so very much and hope I can learn to be like her.

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The Zeediks said...

that is such a funny post! I love your mom too!