Sunday, May 3, 2009

Little Miss Vocal

As usual, here are Brynlee's Sunday pictures. Thanks Marie for the cute skirt! Brynlee was good at church, except during Sunday School when she decided she didn't want to be quiet any longer. She pulled out her pacifier and began making the cutest little noises! I wanted to just let her talk, but I figured I better start teaching her now about reverance during church. Bryn is definitely a vocal child. She's not a crier, but she's always talking and finding new sounds she can make. Sometimes she's talking in response to things we're saying to her, but other times she's just babbling to herself as she plays with her toys. The video demonstrates a few of the sounds she's been doing lately.

P.S. In the picture above you'll see how her hands are clasped together. She loves doing that lately. Her hands are just glued to each other all day long. It's so funny. Her hands are her new favorite toys! I hope she stays this easily entertained!

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