Sunday, July 6, 2008


I haven't been cooking very much lately because Josh has been gone and he was my big motivation for cooking. I've found it's really difficult cooking for one! All my recipes make so much that I just haven't be able to eat it as leftovers before it goes bad. I tried freezing the rest of a big pasta recipe a few weeks ago, but now my freezer is packed full of the pasta and it doesn't even sound good anymore. I'm anxious for Josh to be back from his internship, so I can cook again! I'm getting a little tired of eating soup, grilled cheese, cereal, and other meals for one. I have actually been craving a yummy turkey dinner lately. Of course, a whole cooked turkey is not a reasonable meal for one, so I had the not-so-brilliant idea to just buy a little frozen turkey dinner. Bad move. I've never had frozen dinners in my life, so I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. I was so excited to heat it up and hopefully satisfy my craving, but it was far from satisfying. Below you will see the packaging and then the actual dinner. Notice how the box shows several thick pieces of turkey breast, while the actual dinner just has two or three little chunks of meat on the side.

This frozen turkey dinner definitely did not fulfill my turkey dinner craving. Luckily, my all-knowing mother did the job. Without even knowing about my craving she came down to Provo a few days later and gave me a container of "just a little something she thought I might feel like." What was it? A full turkey dinner (for one!) I couldn't have been happier! Thanks mom for saving the day, filling my stomach, and convincing me even further to never buy frozen dinners.

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