Thursday, July 10, 2008

River Trip

We stayed at a hotel in Moab on the 4th, then did a fun river rafting trip on the 5th.

(Before I continue with the 5th I just have to give a shout out to the hilarious tourist at our Moab hotel! At breakfast we heard a loud explosion and everyone turned in the direction of the plump little tourist standing by the microwave. He attempted to heat up boiled eggs and they blew up, completely covering the inside of the microwave with white and yellow goo. He just stood their with wide eyes, shaking his head, saying "I thought it was a bomb!")
The River Trip was almost as entertaining as the egg explosion. There was a large raft and also several two-man "duckies", as they were called. It was such a fun day. The only ones to tip were Josh and I...of course. We were in one of the little duckies when we came up to one of the biggest rapids. The other two-man duckies were going to the side, so they wouldn't hit the rapid right on, but Josh and I are fearless so we charged ahead. Too bad we didn't really know what we were doing. As soon as I saw the three foot drop and the wall of water I knew we were goners. And we were.

Thanks Mom and Dad for a fun trip! And thanks Josh for coming home from Cali to join us!

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