Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clarke Family Reunion

Last week was the annual Clarke Family Reunion at Six Lakes. We get together monthly for study group, but it's always a treat to spend more time together. I had a blast! A few highlights from the week include:

-Early scripture studies with Grandpa Clarke
-Three delicious group meals a day, and lots of yummy snacks in between. (I think I gained 15 pounds from all the good food, but maybe I'll just say they're pregnancy pounds!)
-Canooing on the lake
-Seeing all the toads, lizards, crawdads, and snakes caught by the boys
-The powerful testimony meeting
-The family dance party, limbo, and high jump competition!!!
-All the great conversations with cousins/aunts/uncles of all ages
-The Altamont 5k for "Longhorn Days"
This was the first time in 4 years that I have been able to be part of the whole reunion, so I was so glad to be there. I can't wait til next year, and hopefully Josh will be in attendance!!!
A bright blue Crawdad. I had heard of albino creatures...but neon!? Chemicals in the lake, or what?

Cute baby Avery showing off her onesie version of the Clarke t-shirt.

The group of us that did the Altamont 5k. A few of the awards we came away with: Logan's 1st place in his age group (with a time of 25 minutes), Talon's first place out of the male walkers (with a time of 45 minutes...awesome!), and Jae's eighth place overall (with a time of 19 minutes and some seconds - the best out of the Clarkes).

Marie cliff-jumping at one of the lakes. Wild child. Takes after her father.

Yay for Clarke Reunions!!!

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Logan said...

Only ! more day for me and 2 for you! Yay!