Sunday, April 12, 2015


 All of my siblings were in town together for about 72 hours for my grandma's funeral services. It was so great to be together that weekend! Josh still had a week of "paternity" time from Tate's birth that he hadn't taken yet, so we decided to take that time off and stay in Utah for the week after the funeral. We had such a great time with our families and friends.
Pictured above is my dad's first time meeting his two newest grandchildren, Tate and Emma, both born out of state. 
 Bryn loooooves babies and was in heaven to have not one but two babies to play with.
 Tate really is such a smiley baby. You don't have to do much to get a good smile or giggle out of him.
 Two of Bryn's favorite things in Utah: climbing trees at my parent's house and eating my mom's homemade bread.
 Dying Easter eggs
 Mya's hands were green for a few days afterwards!
 Singing songs at the piano with grandma
 We checked out the new-ish Museum of Natural Curiosity and we loved it. It's hard to see, but Bryn is pictured above climbing that rope bridge. She ran around like a wild woman and had the best time. Mya was much more cautious, but she enjoyed herself, too. 
Smiles from Mr. Tate
 Josh loves science museums, so he was having as much fun as the kids :)
 That awkward moment when you and your sister head off to church wearing embarrassingly similar outfits...
 Jordy Jord
 Lots and lots and lots of dress-ups
 Snuggles with Grandpa
It was such a wonderful trip.
After a long winter and the sadness of Grandma Tueller's passing, it was so nice to be with family. I always leave Utah feeling so recharged. I wish we saw our families and friends in Utah more often, but I'm grateful for the times we do get to see them. My kids are still talking about this Utah trip every day- luckily, we'll be back there in just a few months!

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