Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grandma Tueller's Funeral

My sweet Grandma Tueller passed away on March 22nd. What a bittersweet time for our family. I am so sad that she's gone, but so grateful she is free from the pain of cancer. What a remarkable woman! 
We flew out for her funeral and it was a wonderful, inspiring weekend honoring her and celebrating her full life.

My dear Grandpa Tueller at the viewing on Friday evening

The girls with Jae and Amy

The second viewing on Saturday morning.
It was wonderful to visit with so many family members and good family friends. Funerals are so sad, but also such a strengthening time for families. 
 The funeral service was so incredible. I was really sad and teary, but I also felt so full of love and gratitude that I am blessed to be a part of Grandma Tueller's family. She lived such a wonderful life and I am more inspired than ever to be like her.
 Bryn and Mya with some of their second cousins
It's always a treat to be with my sister Marie
Two of my very favorite people
 After the funeral we drove to the Orem city cemetary for the graveside service. It was a beautiful spring day - so fitting of Grandma's warmth and radiance!
 After the service, the children let off colorful balloons "up to heaven" for Grandma Tueller. Grandma was always a woman of color, so the bright balloons were very fitting. 
 All the great-grandchildren placed flowers on the casket. 
 It was a really tender moment.
My family (minus my brother-in-law Devin and nephew Braden).
We live spread out across the country now, so it's always so great to be together - even if it's just for a weekend.
My cousins Diana and Cara

I love this man so much!
 Uncle Mark and Tate
 My mom's siblings. What a great bunch.

 Following the graveside service we ended the day with a family luncheon back at the church. 
(When did Logan become so much taller than me!?)
We shared memories about grandma and then grandpa gave some great remarks. 
 Grandma Tueller's portrait from when she was BYU homecoming queen years ago.
This post was just to document the funeral services, but I'll probably end up doing a separate post on my sweet grandma. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing woman to call grandma.
*Most of these pictures are from my cousin Diana, who was so awesome to photograph the whole weekend!

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