Friday, April 10, 2015


 Tate's first Easter!
 We were in Utah for Easter and it was wonderful. Easter was on the same day as LDS General Conference, so we got together with Josh's family on Sunday morning to have breakfast and watch the morning session of conference together. The Hawkins tradition for conference is to make my Mother-in-law's famous "griddle cakes". Josh is a griddle cake pro, so he volunteered to make them for everyone this time. Yum!
 Tate, 5 months, and Winston, 10 months, are the youngest grandkids (#29 and #30) and I'm sure they'll be good buddies down the road. 
 Cousins! It makes me so happy to see Bryn and Mya running around with the sweet cousins that they only get to see once or twice a year. They are so lucky to have so many great cousins as playmates.
 Three of my wonderful sister-in-laws: Becky, Rindi, and Jess
 In the afternoon we had a simple Easter egg hunt for Bryn and Mya in my parent's backyard.

 Brynlee proudly found a "real Easter egg" and it was cool for about 2 seconds until we realized she had the "yoke" of the egg all over her hands. Yuck. After a good hand-washing we resumed the egg hunt.

 Easter dinner with my parents and Logan 
Tate's first time meeting his Clarke great-grandparents
Later than evening we went to my Clarke grandparent's new home in Alpine and got together with all my Clarke extended family. We had our annual General Conference discussion (I hadn't been to one of these gatherings in years!) and it was so great to share what we learned from conference and to catch up with everyone. 

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