Saturday, April 11, 2015

Utah: Visiting Grandpa Tueller

A few days after Grandma's funeral we drove down to Provo to visit my dear Grandpa Tueller.
 We were joined by Aunt Margaret, Diana, and Ollie. 
 The three musketeers playing upstairs in the game room.
 Oh, this moment was so dear to me. Brynlee has had a tradition of reading with Grandma Tueller every time we come to Utah. Bryn and I were a little sad that there wouldn't be a reading session with Grandma this time, but Grandpa was so sweet to step right in and take Grandma's place. Grandpa asked Bryn to read him something cheerful, so Bryn read jokes from an old elephant joke book. It was so sweet to see them reading together and to hear Grandpa chuckling at the jokes. 

 It's always a treat to spend time with Diana!
She took the photos of the girls below... 
 One of my girls' favorite things about Grandma Tueller's house is the "bridge to nowhere" in the backyard. One of the first things Bryn said when she heard Grandma had died was "Oh no! Now she'll never be able to tell us where that bridge leads to!" (It's just a decorative bridge that leads to a pile of ivy!)
I love these two!
It was a little hard being in Grandma's house without her. She is so missed! But I'm so grateful to have spent a little time with Grandpa Tueller, who we all love so much.

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