Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunny Tuesday

 The forecast for today was rain, rain, rain and I thought we'd be stuck inside, but it turned out to be a perfectly sunny day so we packed up the stroller and walked the two mile path to Dartmouth campus. I am still not used to all this GREEN, so it continues to take my breath away. 
 I didn't capture it well with photos, but we were the travelling Dartmouth jukebox today! We walked around campus for 45 minutes and Miss Bryn was singing show tunes and pop songs the entire time. I thought she was just going to sing a song or two, but it became the never-ending medley and her volume and vibrato increased with each song. Mya tapped her feet, clapped, and even added the background vocals with her babbling. Motherhood brings some pretty good entertainment!
Fast forward 5 hours and Josh comes home! Which means.....everyone heads to the porch! After living in apartment complexes the first 5 years of our marriage, we can't get over how fun it is to have a porch. A nice, big porch in a nice, quiet neighborhood is quite a luxury! 
 Little Hoodro Wilson. I don't even know what that means or where that nickname came from, but that is Mya's nickname whenever she wears the hood of a jacket. And what a cute Hoodro Wilson she is! 
I can't take that beefy drumstick of a leg, especially in tight, getting-too-small-for-her jeggings. 
 Surprisingly some of Bryn's caterpillars are still alive about 2-3 weeks of living in captivity, and I don't know who is more interested in them - Josh, Bryn, or now Mya? All I know is it's super cute to see my family gathered around the caterpillar house with such rapt attention each night.
And finally, Mya with a wind-blown comb-over. It doesn't get better than that :)

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carly said...

We are moving to New Hampshire (Portsmouth) in two weeks and that green gets me excited! We live in the south bay where everything is brown right now. Your girls are adorable. -Carly Smith (We were in your married ward in Utah)