Saturday, May 11, 2013


Spring is officially in full swing, which means the bugs (and even the bears!....that's a different story!) have come out! After a long winter Bryn must have forgotten about bugs because she's been dramatically shrieking every time she sees a fly, ant, ladybug, or any other harmless insect. 
There's only one bug that doesn't scare her and that is caterpillars. She finds them all around our yard and has no problem picking them up and telling them in a baby voice how fuzzy and cute they are. 
Josh is such a fun dad and made Bryn this little house for the caterpillars. Josh and Bryn get fresh grass for the caterpillars every morning and Bryn runs out to the porch all throughout the day to check on them. Originally, there were five caterpillars ("Sarah", "Bill", "Lily", "Berry", and "Cinderella"), but "Cinderella" and "Lily" have since passed on. They attached themselves to sticks, hardened up, and got all covered in grey fuzz - tricking us into thinking they were forming their cocoons - but it turns out they were actually just dying. So that was kind of anti-climatic, and now we're down to three.
Anyway, seeing Bryn's excitement over these little bugs is just priceless. Being a mom is fun :)

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