Monday, May 6, 2013

Spring Hikes

I've probably already mentioned this or hinted at it, but February and March were pretty brutal for me as winter drug on and on with it's freezing New Hampshire temps. Holy cow, it was hard for me to stay indoors every single day with two kids....coming from SoCal where we were outside nearly every day of the year. I wish I could say that the long winter didn't effect my mood, but it definitely did! Now that it is finally spring I can honestly say that I am loving New Hampshire again. And one of my very, very favorite things about New Hampshire is all the hiking trails right in our neighborhood. (I guess there are a few perks to living out in the middle of nowhere).
 Usually I go hiking on my own a few times a week, but sometimes the whole fam comes along for the fun. Boston Lot Lake is the closest hike and it's beautiful. There is the Sachem Trail that just takes about 20 minutes jogging to get from our porch to the lake, and then there are tons of other trails to take once you get to the lake. That's my usual route. But there's also a shorter path if you drive down the street a mile. It's the perfect hike for little kids because it only takes about 15 minutes and the trail is nice and wide.  

 This is an embarrassing picture capturing my weak attempt at skipping rocks, but it's the only picture I have of this side of the lake. It's such a pretty spot.
Josh prefers skipping boulders instead of small rocks :)
Josh was nice enough on Thursday to play with the girls at the lake, while I took the trail around the lake for a little extra exercise. Lucky for him, Mya stays in one place and is pretty content if you just put a snack in front of her.

 This last (poor quality) picture is my second favorite place to hike/walk/run: the road from Hanover to Etna. This road is so charming to me. Near the top of the hill there is also a great outlet to the Appalachian Trail. I love this area because it's just so scenic, but also because the road is at enough of an incline that I can run it without my knees hurting.
Basically, I love, love, love New Hampshire in the spring. I do miss living a mile from the beach in Huntington Beach, but I actually love these beautiful rural spots even more. 
When we were moving to New Hampshire everyone told us the same two things: (1) that the winters would be cold and long and (2) that it would be one of the most beautiful places we would ever live. Both of those things are true! :)

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