Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring Formal

This weekend was the Spring Formal for all the Tuck students and we actually found a babysitter and went! We didn't attend the Fall or Winter Formals, so I'm glad we finally went to one this year. It was so fun to get dressed up and go on a fun date with Josh and some of our good friends.
Before the dance we went to dinner with a few other couples at Tip Top Cafe in Vermont. Great food, great company!
Steph, me, Maren, and Michelle.
The Formal was held at the Hanover Inn, right next to Dartmouth campus. It was fun to meet more of Josh's classmates and hang out with the ones I already knew. One of the great things about Tuck's small class size is that it's a pretty tight knit group and it's been fun to get to know the students and their wives at all the social events. 
Of course, dancing was the highlight of the night :) I definitely wouldn't consider myself a "dancer", but I must admit that I love to dance and Josh is always so fun to join me! I wish I had better action shots of Josh dancing because there are few things I enjoy more than seeing Josh bust a move on the dance floor :) We had such a good time!

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Jessica F. said...

I love this. You look like a hot momma! I love that dress. So glad you guys went. It sounds really fun!