Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Favorite Part

There aren't too many good things about having a miscarriage. But one that does come to mind is that you get TEN free days of eating any treats you want. (Josh and I established this rule with our miscarriage in Sept and it had great results... not so much on my stomach, but for my general well-being). My friends have supported me in this by supplying me with Trader Joe's kettle corn, Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Tomorrow is day 10 of my no-questions-asked treats, so I've got to enjoy it while it lasts!
Today's treat was Brynlee's idea: banana muffins. I loved Bryn's response when I asked her how we make muffins: "We dump the flour. We dump the sugar. We dump the bananas. We stir it. We put it in the oven. THEN WE EAT IT!!! And that's my favorite part."
She is definitely my child. That's my favorite part, too.


Brandi said...

Brilliant!! I knew you were a smart girl!

The Colemans said...

Noah and I were talking about how big she's getting. What a sweetheart!

P.S. I'm sorry about the miscarriage. I know it's difficult, but I admire you so much Laura.

Justin and Ashleigh Smith said...

haha.. i love that last picture. Too cute! After I have a miscarriage I usually allow myself to sit down that same night and eat about a quart of ice cream and I dont feel bad about it one bit. I like the idea of 10 days though. As much as i like the idea, I hope I dont have another opportunity to try it out :)

Jessica F. said...

That is a great rule. I love that Brynn know what goes in muffins. Cute post!

mj said...

yummy. that is a really good idea. i should try something like that out, i'm on a 365 day no-questions ask treat policy and it doesn't feel good all the time.