Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Neighborhood Stroll

Last night for our Family Home Evening activity we went for a little stroll around the neighborhood, and it was so funny to see Bryn push her little stroller around. It wasn't until about the third time around the block that she figured out how to push it straight. Initially, she was running so fast and the stroller was zig-zagging out of control. But now she's a pro. This is Bryn's favorite doll right now. She's a beauty. Bryn named her "Buck-a-no"(?) and I hear about Buckano all. day. long. ("Mom! Buckano need a bath! Buckano need a snack! Buckano has a stinky diaper! Buckano being so silly!")
Bryn kept stopping the stroller ride, giving Buckano kisses, and saying "You happy Buckano? You having fun? You see those pretty flowers, Buckano?...." I love that Bryn's getting into the motherly stage with her dolls and stuffed animals. So cute. I've always loved little walks around the neighborhood, but they are even better with Bryn pushing her stroller and cracking us up.


Karen said...

so sweet. Cool stroller

Michele said...

I love this post... it reminds me of when Taylor was that age. We did the same thing and I loved watching her become so motherly. I'm not sure her brothers love it so much these days... 2 mothers in the house! :)