Monday, February 7, 2011

Fabric Therapy

To keep ourselves busy and distracted from the miscarriage, Bryn and I pulled out the fabric box every day last week and worked on projects. Bryn's favorite fabric project (besides dumping the fabric box and wrestling in it) is making "beds" for herself and her animals. It's cute. And it keeps her occupied forever because she's so particular about which fabric goes where and who gets to sleep on each bed. While Bryn did her thing, I sewed some pillows for her new toddler bed. I'm not a quilter, so this was my first attempt at "piecing" little squares together, so that was fun. (That probably the wrong sewing term. I don't know.) They're a little wild with Bryn's bedding and everything else going on in her room, but they're kind of fun. And Bryn loves her "new, special pillows" and her "new, special bed" so three cheers for that!


stephanie joy said...

ahh! i have been planning to do some quilt stars for our walls and these make me so excited!! piecing is the right word.... at least that's what i call it.... :)

the colors are so awesome! i'm totally inspired!

Emily Curfew said...

I love these especially the pinwheel solids. Definitely can tell you are an artist in these- like you just mixed these custom color palmettes together. I never think of using sOlid colors in quilting - so I think I need to add some pretty solids to my stash

So what does the bedding lOok like?

Michelle Nguyen said...

These are so cute! The star one looks complicated! You are talented! Love them! These are going to be so cute on Bryns bed!

Michelle Nguyen said...
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Diana Hulme said...

amazing, yet again! i love them...i wouldn't even know where to begin and here you just whip up 3 beautiful pillows!

i love bryn's so so cute! and p.s. love the new header.