Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Youth Conference

Last weekend was our ward's Winter Youth Conference, and it was such a fun few days! It was so great to get to know all the youth better and to see their friendships strengthened.
Above is most of our beautiful young women, plus my wonderful counselors, amazing secretary, and one of our awesome advisors. I love these ladies!!! One of our Youth Conference activities was a Standards Road Rally where we divided into 4 teams and we had to drive around Huntington Beach to different locations and do a "challenge" that corresponded with one of the topics in the For Strength of Youth pamphlet. (The "challenge" above was for Physical Health). This was SO much fun! The last location was the Newport Beach Temple, where we had a little devotional on the beautiful temple grounds. So neat! One of the "challenges" in the Road Rally was to go to Salvation Army and buy a modest outfit. The kids were so funny and I LOVE their outfits. They had to wear their outfits later that night for another activity and it was cracking me up! You just can't take someone seriously when they're dressed like that.
Our lovely beehives
Emily and Sarah representing the Miamaids
And our stylish laurels
One of my counselors put together this awesome "Minute to Win it" competition with the funniest activities they had to do in a minute each. For this one, the youth wore nylons over their heads, with baseballs in the foot. Then they had to swing their heads and knock over the water bottles. It was harder than it looks! This one was kind of like a musical chairs sort of thing. The youth all wore goggles that had been blacked out, so they couldn't see. When the music stopped they had to feel around for a ball to sit on and the person who didn't find one was out for the next round. And we went until their was one winner left. Very entertaining!
Renee modelling the goggles for that game
This one they had to blow up a balloon and try to knock over all the cups with the air coming out of the balloon. Here we have Megan and Jen (YW leaders) demonstrating another one where you have a headband with a pedometer on their foreheads and you have to shake your head up and down for one minute. Whoever has the most "steps" at the end of the minute wins. I'm pretty sure they still have headaches from doing this one!
And no Youth Conference is complete without a little Limbo....
High jump...
Or the funky chicken dance!
Such a fun weekend! I wish I took pictures of the other fun things. I LOVE serving with the young women, and working with my awesome board of YW leaders!


The Pixton Family said...

Parker gets to go to his first youth conference in March and Sister Dalton is speaking at it!

clarke fam said...

Those pictures are awesome. Happy Birthday! (BTW)

The Zeediks said...

great ideas!