Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clarke and Tueller Parties

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting together for big family parties with cousins!
(My Dad's side)
It is so fun to get together with the Clarke side because there are tons of little kids Brynlee's age. They did cute crafts together, and it was so cute to see them all working next to each other. And they did a fun relay race where they put candy on a spoon and dumped it in a stocking across the room. So cute to see the kids running all over and loving it. Most of them had eaten the candy by the time they got to the other side. Or they took out the wet candy from their mouth and put it in the stocking. I wish we lived closer, so Bryn could play with all these cute second cousins! Bryn cleaning up after the party. I hope her "cleaning is fun" mentality lasts forever.
(My Mom's side)
Playing Christmas songs on the chimes. No family party is complete without a few chime songs. My Mom's parents and Siblings: Hal, Dave, Mark, Mom, Rich, and Carolyn One of my very favorite parts of Tueller gatherings is singing hymns around the piano! So great.
Two of my brothers and Dad (We need Logan in this picture!)
Me and Pops
Bryn was the only great-grandchild at the party and was loving the attention. In this picture she's sporting her new Stallion pajamas that Marie and my Mom got her as a joke because they thought they were funny. They have super wide leg pants with a ruffle on the bottom. My mom planned on taking them back after we had a laugh, but Bryn loved them so they're here to stay.
In conclusion, we LOVE our Clarke and Tueller families....and a good pair of horsey jammies.


Diana Hulme said...

the party was so fun! it was great to see you. you beat me at the recap...i'm still working on mine. i'm struggling to keep it from becoming a brynlee photoshoot post, haha! there are just so many cute ones of her (too bad it's inside and kind of bad lighting). it will be up soon. :)

Brandi said...

Cute family. What. . My girls would love the stallion P.J.s too.