Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daddy Daughter Time

This past weekend was my ward's Winter Youth Conference (more to come on that later), so as you can imagine it's been a very hectic few weeks trying to get everything planned for it! Josh has been the best husband and dad ever! He and Bryn had such a fun time this weekend while I was gone. They went out for frozen yogurt (where Bryn sampled flavors and picked her favorite yogurt and toppings. I love that so much!), played at the park, went to the beach, got lunch at Wahoo's, built towers, ran in circles...all of her favorite things to do. I love Josh. I love Brynlee. And I love that they have such a cute relationship!

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Diana Hulme said...

ah, so cute! seriously. i love it. i can't wait for our little guy to hang out with dan! :)